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Julia has over four years of journalism experience with bylines in Canadian Geographic, Postmedia Content Works, Capital Current and Canadian Mortgage Trends, among others.

Director and writer of the documentary Modern Goose shares his insights into the lifestyle of an average Canadian goose living in our country’s suburbs.

Canadian Geographic -- May 2, 2024

Photo 1_2023.12.01.jpg

Before European settlers came to Turtle Island, Indigenous groups in the Americas had their own ways of geographical knowledge keeping that included their relationship with the stars and stories about each constellation.

The Capital Chill -- December 1, 2023

In a field traditionally dominated by men, a shift is underway within the offices of Canada’s mortgage and real estate industries. Women are now stepping into the limelight, assuming leadership roles and reshaping industry norms.

Canadian Mortgage Trends -- October 26, 2023


Canadians celebrate globally recognized Canadian superstars at home.

Postmedia Content Works/National Post --

February 16, 2024

When going to college or university, many students opt for various financial aids to manage their tuition and other expenses. That includes private student loans in Canada as well as government student loans, like OSAP. After graduating, you’ll be required to begin paying off your student loans. This is when things can become challenging.

WealthRocket -- September 28, 2023


Centretown will soon become the first neighbourhood in Ottawa to provide a non-police response to addiction and mental-health emergencies by having an alternative to 911 for people in crisis to call.

Capital Current -- October 20, 2023

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