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A Little Bit About Me

The Queen's Journal

Growing up, the only time I can remember learning about mental health was through my hockey association’s charity.

March 2022 postscript phoeo.jpeg

My grandma cries every time my family goes on vacation.

She knows she’s getting old and there’s always a small chance she may never see us again. As my grandma approaches her 90th birthday quarantined in her retirement home, I cannot imagine the sadness and isolation she feels.


Part of my self-worth has always been tied to my appearance. 

I’ve heard the saying “it’s not what your body looks like, it’s what your body can do” a thousand times, but it’s taken me 18 weeks of training and a 21-kilometre race to truly understand its meaning.


When I graduate this year, I hope I leave university as a valuable community member and as a good friend to those around me.

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November 4, 2020: If I’m not my good grades, the hours I put in at the gym, or the clothes I spend hundreds of dollars on, then who am I?


The average person will spend a total of six years and eight months on social media in their lifetime—that’s a staggering commitment. 

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