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The National Post

With winter around the corner and the cost of living soaring over the past few months, more and more families are turning to The Salvation Army to meet their basic needs.


This winter, Asthma Canada is encouraging people with lung disease to protect their health in just a few simple steps


Postmedia Content Works

This holiday season, the community of Goderich is gearing up to help residents create a picture-perfect Christmas. From horse drawn carriages in the snow to perfectly selected and finely wrapped gifts, local businesses in downtown Goderich are prepared to help meet all your holiday needs.


Whether you’re looking for a bite to eat, a thrill or just a new place to take your kids for the afternoon, Edmonton is your ultimate festival hub for the summer.


The Queen's Journal

Before European settlers arrived in the New World, the Haudenosaunee and Anishinaabe nations maintained peace and cooperation using treaties and the rhetoric of the dish with one spoon—take only what you need, leave something in the dish for other people, and keep the dish clean.

decolonization photo.jpeg

The recent invasion of Ukraine by Russia has sent a current of fear throughout the world. Combat has affected Ukranian students here in Kingston on many levels.

Julia Stratton_ukraine_1_web.jpg

The use of chemicals and potentially toxic makeup to meet societal expectations of beauty isn’t a new phenomenon. From ancient Egyptians who wore toxic eyeliner, to women in the 19th century covering their faces in opium while they slept, beauty products have been compromising health for centuries.


One of the most off-limits topics in our culture is money. The ‘money taboo’ keeps children from learning about financial literacy as they grow up. As a result, young adults often feel confused and overwhelmed when they have to navigate their own finances in university.


While social media can generate critical discussion about mental health and mental illness, it can also lead many to self-diagnose and make people with mental illnesses feel misrepresented.


For students living in Kingston, the norm is to pay exorbitant prices for substandard housing. It’s become a rite of passage for Queen’s students to move out of first-year residence and scramble to find housemates and sign leases before the best houses are gone. 


Contributions give families the comforts of home while their children undergo medical treatment

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